Error 1603 Fatal Error during installation

So trying to update to a newer version of PCAmerica I get this random error. It has taken me a little time to write this but I believe I was trying to update somewhere around the 12.6xx to a 12.7xx .

If I run into this error again I hope to give you an exact version that gave me the problem but the fix was to update the .NET Framework. I think I updated to 4.6.2 and that fixed the problem.

So if you get this error don’t sweat it. Easy fix.



How to setup Kitchen Display System RPE


How to setup Kitchen Display System RPE

Follow along as we set up a KDS (Kitchen Display System) also refered to as a Bumpbar system or Video Display System to display your pcAmerica restaurant pro food orders to a kitchen monitor instead of an impact printer.

We will be following the instructions from the pcAmerica FAQ site and installing the Bematech LS6000 with the Keypad Bumpbar KB1700G )

Bematech LS6000

Bematech LS6000




You will need to decide where you are putting the order screen. If you are placing the screen on a counter or shelf then it really doesn’t matter what type of monitor/TV you buy as long as it has a VGA port.

If you plan on mounting the monitor to a wall or ceiling bracket then look for a monitor that is VESA compliant. Which simply means it has screw holes for attaching to the brackets.

vesa compliant mounting

vesa compliant mounting

The instructions call for a special cable. Requires cable (P/N: KB17CABLE-RJRJ) to work with LS6000

The cable that came with the keypad does not have a part number on it.


When following the instructions (with a few changes) from the PCAmerica FAQ site I was able to get this up and running.

There are three documents on their site so please refer to them. I am only covering points that I feel need more elaboration.

The LS6000 has to be on the same subnet as your PC’s. So pull up the CMD (command prompt) and type in your “IPCONFIG”

On my Master computer you will see that my IP Address is which is determined by my router.



Run the IPCONFIG in Command prompt

But since most PC’s are setup to be Dynamic IP addressing we have a couple choices. I am going to set my PC to a Static IP address.

If you find that your Bumpbar works but suddenly stops working after a reboot, it could be due to the Router assigning a different IP address to your Master computer. So for that reason I recommend setting it to Static.

Changing from Dynamic IP to Static IP address

#1  Next you will need to put in the IP Address and PORT number for the SERVER. If you don’t want to set your Master PC to Static IP address you can use the PC Name or “Localhost”. The instructions recommend using Port 42000. My LS6000 would only allow 4 characters. I was able to get it to work using multiple port numbers. I have it set to 500 for this example.


Input the IP Address, Computer Name or Localhost into this area. NOT the IP of the Bump Bar!

#2 Click on the “Edit Bump Bars” button

And input the IP Address of the LS6000 and use the Port number you set up in the Bematech LS6000 programming

In my case I’m using and Port 500

This is where the IP Address of the Bumbar goes.

How to setup Kitchen Display System on Restaurant Pro 

The LS6000 output is a VGA port. My client said he wanted to use a 32″ inch TV he already had so I purchased this VGA2HDMI adapter. It does need power so make sure you have a USB port on your TV Monitor if you decide to go this route. Or purchase a power supply for it.

After setting this device up in my office on a test computer with much success, I decided to drive the nearly 300 miles to go install it in La Grande OR.

The first thing I did was to get on their backoffice computer and Ping for an open IP Address. I pulled up the CMD and ran the IPCONFIG first and it showed they were on

So I typed in PING and it came back failed.  So that must mean that it was not being used. I decided to use that for the LS6000.

All is going well but after an hour of looking like an idiot and trying different port numbers because they had such a big network I figured some ports had to be blocked. Checked firewalls and still nothing!

Here I forgot the Start the SERVER and CLIENT as per the directions. UGH

I will be the first to admit I don’t work well in a store that is open and operating. People asking me questions, music too loud. Hustle and bustle. Give me nice and quiet remote support from my nice quiet office any day. =)

How to setup Kitchen Display System RPE

How to clean the pcAmerica database

Our goal here is to make your pcAmerica CRE or RPE run faster. After time you may notice your system running slow and sluggish. Do a manual backup of your database and check the file size. If it’s getting rather large (Over 1-2GB) you might want to try this.

Warning! NEVER erase your transactions without doing a backup of the database. You will lose all reporting. On the versions that I have done this on I have not lost any internal gift card balances. However I do recommend using an external card service like StoreCard.

Once you change the Database name on the master computer you will need to do any Slave machines as well. 

I recommend doing it this way because of the ease of switching back to the original database in case you need to run a report. No fumbling around looking for your backups. This is a good way of doing it say on January 1st and starting the year fresh.

Please remember to change the database name in the config file inside your auto backup folder. Hopefully you have taken 5 mins to set that up?

My Delete Button is Gone!

Pcamerica delete key is missing.

The #1 most common support call I get is “What happened to my Delete Button?’ It was just there and now it’s gone… I can’t delete anything.

Solution is to press F12 on your keyboard or look to the lower right of your screen where it says “F12 Item Options”
Since you have pcamerica cash register express and using a touch screen monitor you accidentally pressed that button resting your hand in the corner.



You can prevent this problem from happening by removing the tool bar.

Press “Options”

Press “Set up” then “Display Setup”

At the very top you will see that Toolbar” is check marked. Uncheck that and hit “Update”

You will need to log out of the main screen and log back in for the changes to take effect.

Tool Bar is gone now.


Cash Drawer Won’t Open

This is very common and usually an easy fix. The cash drawer is normally controlled by the receipt printer.

  1. Check to make sure the power is on to the receipt printer.
  2. There is a cable that runs from the Receipt printer to the Cash Drawer, make sure it’s plugged in.
  3. Shut the Receipt printer off, wait a minute and then turn back on. Try unplugging and re-plugging the USB cable if available.
  4. Restart the entire computer.
  5. If you have a USB printer go to Device Manager, expand the USB Controller and change settings to all USB Root Hubs. Power Management tab. Uncheck “Allow computer to turn off device to save power” Hit OK.


If still unable to open the cash drawer many have a manual release switch located underneath usually toward the back half of the cash drawer. Or if you have the KEY use that to release the drawer.


On a personal note, I have experienced less headaches by using serial receipt printers as opposed to USB printers. But with the lack of serial ports on most new computers USB printers are more common.

Bixolon SRP-350IIICOSG. Serial/USB Thermal Receipt Printer

AutoMatic Backups

It is highly recommended to set your “Master” “Server” or “Computer” whatever runs your Database to “AutoMatic Backups. Especially if you are running in house Gift and or Loyalty cards. You DON’T want to lose that info!

Doing AutoMatic backups will save copies to your hard drive but to be fully protected you need to set your backups to send a copy to an online “Cloud Based” Storage folder for added protection and piece of mind.


Windows XP seemed to be a bit more difficult to set up with both the AutoMatic Backups and the AutoMatic backups to the Cloud. So if you are still running XP I would highly recommend installing your Backup on to a newer version of Windows on a NEW Hard Drive.


Restore SQL Database from a backup in CRE and RPE

You can find clear and simple instructions on the website. Just do a search for “Restore”

But there are some things they don’t tell you and that you might find interesting.

First you need to create a backup, but it is HIGHLY recommended you have your MASTER machine set to auto backup. “Only the Master machine needs backed up”